New Evidence Dead Dissident Was Beaten Up

A tweet from an allegedly assassinated Cuban dissident’s pastor upends the Castro regime’s contention that it did not beat up the victim 3 days prior to his death. While the regime contends that Mr. Juan Wilfredo Soto García died of a pancreatic disease on May 8, his pastor declares in a You Tube video that on May 5 he had tweeted:

Wilfredo nicknamed “the student” ex political prisoner with cardiovascular problems has just been beaten up in S. Clara park by PNR.”

PNR stands for Policía Nacional Revolucionaria (National Revolutionary Police). The tweet appears recorded on May 5, signed by “maritovoz mario” and is viewable by searching his twitter account:!/maritovoz

That is the Twitter address the pastor verbally provides for himself at the end of the video  published by Hablemos Press in You Tube (check between minutes/seconds 5:39 to 5:55).

Lleonart's May 5 Tweet on Mr. Soto García

In said video  testimony,  Mr. Mario F. Lleonart Barroso, the Baptist pastor, also adds that on May 4, the day before his tweet, he had remarked how well Mr. Soto García had appeared to him.

At the very least this new evidence demonstrates that on May 5 the pastor already believed that Mr. Soto García had been beaten up by Cuba’s political police, and was concerned enough for him to tell the world about it, given the latter’s pre-existing cardiovascular (not pancreatic) condition.

In a related prior development, the Penultimos Días blog had previously published a copy it had obtained of Mr. Soto’s medical record, as of October 2010, which made no mention of pancreatic disease.


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