Cuban Dissident Home Under Attack – UPDATED

Mr. José Daniel Ferrer García, a former Cuban political prisoner, somehow posted this audio at 2:39 P.M. on May 15. In it he alleges that his home was being assaulted by a mob led by “Gorki”, a police mayor, that they were threatening to enter and lynch them, and that his wife had already been struck.


In a video just published by Hablemos Press one can see Mr. Ferrer García and two other former political prisoners accompanying Laura Pollán, the leading spokesperson for the ¨Ladies In White¨at Santa Rita Church on May 1. They are holding flowers and praying Hail Marys, although later in the video, Ms. Pollan says they had been praying to Santa Rita. The latter is associated with the pagan Orisha deity, Obba, one of another deity´s many wives. Mrs. Pollan asked, whomever, to place some honey in the hearts of the “governors”. Then she concluded by asking Jesus to hear her prayer.

Photo of Ferrer Garcia -

Mr. Ferrer García - Former Political Prisoner (center) in a May 1, 2011 photo from Hablemos Press by José Alberto Álvarez Bravo

Another “freed” Political Prisoner Allegedly Beaten Up Twice

The fourteen minute video also features an extensive description by Mrs. Berta Soler Fernández about the beating up of her husband, Ángel Moya, at the hands of the political police, after driving him home.

Like Mr. Ferrer García, Mr. Moya is also one of very few recently released political prisoners who have been permitted to remain in Cuba, after refusing to leave.

Photo of Angel Moya from

Angel Moya - Former Political Prisoner - Remains in Cuba

Mrs. Soler alleges that after the political police beat and kicked Mr. Moya in the head in plain daylight, and in front of her and neighbors, they again drove away with him. She fruitlessly tried to stop them by sticking her arm inside to prevent them from closing the door, and later by jumping onto the hood of the car.

Towards the end of the video, Mrs. Soler says that the “government has(d) improved repressing people by changing its tactics to kicking dissidents on the head.”

Mrs. Soler continued that after they drove off with her spouse, four policeman remained, and she seized their Suzuki , refusing to remove herself from it until her husband was returned. She alleges that they did not use force to remove her and instead tried to reach a pact with her. But she claims she refused, arguing that a pact would be impossible given that they had “different ideologies”. But apparently everything ended after that for she then sustains that her husband “decided” to go home after 5 PM. But then she says that it was not his home, that his home was far, which is confusing. At 11 PM or so, she explains, when her husband saw that they were no longer there, he went home. The end of her report is not clear. It does not entirely make sense to me.

However, Diario de Cuba reported that Mr. Moya returned to another dissident’s house in Río Verde, which is where he had been initially arrested by the political police after having joined other dissidents to “solidarize” with Sara Marta Fonseca.

Apparently, the reason that Mr. Moya did not initially go to his home with Mrs. Soler in Alamar was to prevent the political police from effectively placing him under house arrest.

According to Angélica Mora’s blog Mr. Moya was detained again on May 12 in Havana when he joined other dissidents to commemorate the deaths of Pedro Luis Boitel, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, who died during hunger strikes while in the custody of the Castro regime in 1972 and 2010 respectively, and of Juan Wilfredo Soto García who died on May 8, 2011, one day after telling witnesses he had been beaten up by the political police on May 5.

Their intention had been to hold a civic meeting and distribute photos of the deceased. After having been detained and during the ride in the police vehicle, one of his government captors put a pillow on his face on several occasions to simulate asphyxiation.

He was reportedly released at 3:10 P.M. with the warning that worse things could be done in the future and that continuing his activities could have grave consequences.

Angélica Mora’s blog reported that since Mr. Moya’s wrists had been lacerated by the handcuffs he went to a hospital for treatment but the doctor refused to provide him with a medical record. She quotes him:

“The doctor told me that he could not proceed to certify the lacerations I have on my wrists and of the exam for the inflammation of my hands, because a judicial order would be required for that.”